Clarinet/Saxophone Mentorship Program

Did you play the clarinet or saxophone in high school or college? If so, can you remember the amazing feeling of making music and how it enriched your life? How it made you feel good to express the artistic and creative side of your soul and wonderful feeling of that very special horn in your hands? Then life got in the way - career, marriage, kids and no time for anything but the business of living life at a dizzying pace.

If you can remember the great days of making music and creating beauty with your clarinet or sax, perhaps it is time for you to come back to that place. That is exactly what the clarinet/saxophone mentorship is all about.

My name is Todd Brunel and I am a music educator. I have traveled the world playing, teaching, composing and inspiring people with music in their souls. I can play any clarinet and I can play any saxophone. More than that, I can teach you do to it as well and I can take you as far into the world of music as you want to go.

The clarinet/saxophone mentorship program is designed for adults who want to learn how to make music and feel the joy that comes with this very personal form of expression. Please understand that this program is not a one size fits all way of teaching. This program is exclusively designed around your dreams and needs, not mine. If you want:

  • To become part of a quartet, I will help you to get there.

  • Play alone on a summer night? We can do that.

  • Learn music theory and do a bit of jazz? Not a problem because I will create the program required to get you there and help to make your dream a reality.

  • Take over as first clarinet  at the NY Philharmonic? (Sorry, I think not…)

You listen to your favorite artists and feel such a connection with the music, you'd love to pick up your horn and start playing again. Perhaps you are a conservatory graduate and need Mozart in your life or Duke Ellington. We can work together and move your skills and understanding of music to the next level - and beyond.

Here is how the program works. We meet weekly or as prearranged at your home or a place that works for both of us. (I am pretty flexible) We spend 60 to 90 minutes together - just you, me and our horns. We work together on a prearranged program to help support your goals in terms of the kind of music you want to play and how fast you want to get there. I am patient, easy to work with and we will have fun making this happen.

Some Benefits of the Clarinet/Saxophone Mentor Program Include:

  • Development of a program specifically designed to meet your goals.

  • My personal assistance in helping you to identify the music you need in order to play.

  • Time together to identify the right horn for your needs. (A vintage Selmer Series 9 or a Tenor Mark 6? We will explore this together)

  • The development of a personalized fake book so that the music you play is always there in one place.

  • Special events such as Saturday quartets and for a small extra cost, a yearly day of music for all members

  • Exposure to some of Boston’s very best musicians.

Contact me for a quote today. The cost of this unique and high touch mentoring program is based on your level of commitment and scheduling.

If you want to recapture the music you have lost, I urge you to call me at 617-821-0373 for a confidential conversation about how you can become the musician that lives within you.