Some very exciting news for the Eric Hofbauer Quintet. The first is that we have released a new recording based on the Music of Charles Ives’ Three Places In New England. A link to the second movement of our work, Putnams Camp is embedded just below with a link to Eric's Band Camp page.  In typical EHQ fashion, Eric has taken thematic material from the original work and interspersed it with improvisational sections, leaving us improvisers a well of information to work with. The result is an exciting through composed, genre busting work, very atypically jazz, with layers of musical atonement intersperse with anarchy. It really stands in a category of it's own harkening back to 1960's jazz groups where musicians weren't afraid to push boundaries and drive beyond limitations. Yes it begins with a promenade of people prancing around on horseback, but wait is that Putnam himself getting derailed by 100 years of jazz history? This one big beautiful movement encompasses  a lot of music and could have been broken into several sections and the musical transitions are breathtaking. 

Eric Hofbauer Quintet just performed the Rite of Spring and Putnam's Camp from Three Places in New England in Brussels at the legendary BOZAR venue. We were very enthusiastically received by the audience who came out on a Sunday night and packed the place! Our version of the Rite was the feature and Putnam's was our encore. It  felt like we were playing for an audience of true music lovers and their enthusiasm was really inspiring.

Picture inside the Bozar theater featuring cellist Junko Fujiwara and drummer Curt Newton testing their new instruments before the Show.

Starting in November we will begin a mini tour that we are calling Reminiscing in New England. We plan to premiere Eric's latest composition and arrangement, Duke Ellington's Reminiscing in Tempo at Boston College on Monday November 7. Other tour venues and times are now on my calendar of events.

New Single: Ya Ya Crazy Music Now Playing

Circadian Rhythm Kings Three Thirty Four

Circadian Rhythm Kings Three Thirty Four

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An incredible New Album by the Circadian Rhythm Kings featuring: Todd Brunel: clarinet, bass clarinet, Bulgarian Flute, producer Andrew Hickman: Tenor sax, percussion Mike Carey: Alto sax flute Jerry Sabatini: Trumpet track 1 John Funkhouser: Double bass, piano Gary Fieldman: drums Inspired funky grooves, infused with free form improvisation and musical spirit that transcends boundaries. Given 4 stars and called, " Intelligent and Progressive" by Fiona Ord-Shrimpton of All About Jazz

Eric Hofbauer Quintet Prehistoric Jazz Volume 1 and 2

Exciting News, CNM (Creative Nation Music) has just released the Eric Hofbauer Quintet’s debut recordings “Prehistoric Jazz Volume 1 and Volume 2″. Volume 1 features Eric's arrangement of Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” and Volume 2 features his arrangement of Messiaen’s “Quartet for the End of Time”. Both feature the quintet of Eric Hofbauer on guitar, Jerry Sabatini on trumpet, Todd Brunel on clarinet, Junko Fujiwara on cello and Curt Newton on drums. We recorded both CD’s on an early spring weekend in April and we are excited to have them simultaneously released on Oct. 21st on AMAZON. This release is something of a collector’s edition. It has wonderfully insightful liner notes by the world class jazz writer and historian, David Adler. The brilliant and talented Warren Amerman (Rotary Records) did the recording, mixing and mastering (and these discs sound incredible! you really have to hear them to believe it). Benjamin Shaykin (who has designed several CNM classic releases including American Fear and American Grace) did the design. What perhaps makes this really a collector’s  release is the packaging. Dan Wood (a colleague of Ben’s) did a letter press printing for the liner notes and packaging. Letter press is the OLD way of printing using presses, typesetting and inks. The packaging is locally made (Providence RI) and hand-crafted. Each one is a wonderfully textured mini work of art. It is an unique way to package such a personally meaningful project. The whole quintet is excited and honored to share this music with you all. Enjoy! and Thank you!

New Album: The Last Taxi
Pat Battstone piano
Todd Brunel bass clarinet
Chris Rathburn double bass
Richard Poole drumset, vibraphone
This current work is a collection of musical conversations. Our initial works, “Through an Open Door” and “Mystic Nights”, established a language, a musical dialog, between Richard Poole on vibes and myself on piano. In this effort, we have kept our “chamber jazz” voice and expanded it to include Chris Rathbun on bass and Todd Brunel on bass clarinet. Richard now plays drums in addition to vibes.  Like most conversations, not everyone speaks at once and not everyone is a part of every conversation.
Pat Battstone, 2014

*Ranked #12 on CMJ Jazz #1366

"I proudly play the Selmer Paris 35 and love it!"

I am a Conn-Selmer endorsing artist, please visit my website by clicking HERE

2014 Arlington Cultural council and Massachusetts Arts Council grant recipient:
Todd Brunel’s “Opal Ensemble Live at Town Hall” 

Now available at Nada Brohma records and CD Baby:
American Gypsy
Jerry Sabatini- trumpet, band leader, composer
Chris Veilleux- alto and soprano sax
John Lorentz- tenor sax
Todd Brunel- clarinet and bass clarinet
Phil Sargent- guitar
John Funkhouser- piano and Keyboards
Greg Loughman- double bass
Mike Connors- drums

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Vortex Series Fund Drive

      Since 2007, the Vortex Concert Series has presented concerts with a wide range of classical, jazz and experimental musicians from the New England area and abroad. Our listeners appreciate music ranging from the fringes of improvised to the notated of modern, spanning diverse artistic styles and disciplines. Valued supporters have told us how much they relish the spontaneous energy and creativity they feel and hear at our concerts.
        In 2011-2012, we held a series of concerts at the Democracy Center in Harvard Square, the Cafe at the Somerville Armory, the Nave Gallery in Somerville and Zumix in East Boston. The Vortex Other Dimension Ensemble continues to collaborate with students throughout the Boston area, giving concerts and workshops, allowing us to share spontaneous music-making with the next generation of musicians.
      We also released our first creative music CD aptly titled, "Vortex Live"  and In June, we had our cd release party at the Somerville Armory Cafe. We had a wild, musically interractive day that featured pianists Daivid Maxwell and Peter Cassino, drummer Dennis Warren, oboist Esther Viola, french hornist Pam Marshall, guitarist Garrison Fewell, flutist Matt Samolis, saxophonist, electronic musician Michael Dobiel and others.
       We are currently looking to expand our performance schedule to include several cities and towns in New England and plan a tour in the summer of 2015. You can help the Vortex musical voice remain clear and strong throughout 2015 with your financial support. In the past part of our was made possible by grants from  the Cambridge Arts Council, the  Somerville Arts Council and Massachusetts Cultural Council, which recognized our artistic merit and contribution to the cultural life of the community. Our main support in the past has been made by donors who love great live music. You can help us build on that financial foundation. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the Vortex  by clicking on the donation button below, or contact me directly by email.
Also, please feel free to check out the Vortex Series online at:

Thank you!
Todd Brunel
Artistic director of the Vortex Series for New and Improvised Music

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